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Hey Gurl, Let's Wear Heels Painlessly

As many heels are built for fashion instead of function, we explore 5 tips as mentioned on Footwear News to wear high heels painlessly:

  1. 1. Use Moleskin or Anti-Blister Spray

Gurl, we’ve all been there! How many times have you worn a pair of sneakers, high heels, or boots and ended up with a blister on your ankle or toe?

  • Moleskin can be cut to size to affix on areas of the foot that are prone to friction from shoes that cause blisters and pain. It is a great alternative to bandaids as they tend to stay affixed to the skin longer and don't tend to bunch up.
  • Anti-Blister Spray can be used to create an invisible barrier on skin to prevent blisters and pain. There are several brands available, including vegan brands.
    1. 2. Use Heel Pads for Shoes that are too Big

    Yes gurl, I’ve bought a pair of heels that were too big before too. My normal size was too small and the half size up was too big, but they were must have shoes, so I had to buy them!

    • You can use heel pads to fill in the gaps at the back of your shoe to keep your foot from sliding forward. An added bonus is they will create an extra barrier against friction that causes blisters and pain.
      1. 3. Use Inserts for Metatarsal Foot Pain
      Gurl, let me tell you, ever since I broke my ankle, I wear inserts in most of my shoes for stability and to help alleviate foot pain.

      • Due to the slope of heels, downward pressure is concentrated mostly at the ball of the foot. To help redistribute pressure and alleviate pain, try an insole. There are many brands and varieties on the market. Do your due research to find the right insole for your feet.
      • Also, you can use inserts just to prevent your foot from slipping forward and putting extra pressure on your toes that cause blisters and bunions.
          1. 4. Use Foot Spray to Alleviate Pain
          Gurl, this was news to me too! However; I’m definitely going to try a foot spray for pain.

          • Try a foot spray for instant relief of foot muscle and joint pain. There are several brands out there, do your due diligence to find one with the characteristics you need; anti-inflammatory, for arthritis, infused with herbs, infused with cbd, etc.
            1. 5. Use High Heel Protectors to Add Stability
            • Heel protectors typically come in two designs; slightly flared versions that help prevent stilettos from sinking into grass or sand or styles meant to stabilize heels with worn down tips.
            • Add some stability so you can walk in high heels with confidence. Most high heel protectors come in colors that help them be undetectable. Are you going to try them?
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